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Dear colleagues,


         On behalf of the organizers of the International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” (White Tower) – Brest Regional Executive Committee, Brest City Executive Committee, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, Brest Academic Drama Theatre – we are delighted to announce that the XXIII International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” will be held 11-15 September, 2018.

         The International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” (White Tower) is a forum where theatre groups from all over the world can come together and by means of theatrical art examine their perceptions of universal themes, stimulate social dialogue, deepen human connections and foster greater understanding between individuals and cultures.

         The Festival has been held since 1996 when it gathered theatres from 6 countries. Over the 20-year history it has become a vital showcase for national and international arts and firmly established as Belarusian leading theatre festival. Artists and companies from 58 countries of the world have already participated in the Forum with more than 580 performances, each September producing a stunning week of cultural activity and celebration in Brest.


         The festival program combines the whole spectrum of dramatic art: classic drama, modern experimental drama, performances of the puppet theatres, various street performances, dance theatres, etc.  

         We are happy to announce that the applications are open and would be glad to see you in Brest in September 2018.



Festival Director                                                                              Alexandr Kozak





Conditions of Participation

1. Programme

The Festival programme includes 

 theatre performances based on world and national classic dramaturgyexperimental drama
modern choreography

street performances
performances for children
students’ theatre

guest performances

2. Application
Each company should fill in the application form and send a
full recording of the performance on CD/DVD or give the link to viewload the full recording of the performance on the Internet.

            The deadline for the applications is 15.04.2018. 

3. Accommodation, meals 
The participants stay in single and double rooms at the hotel “Intourist”. Accommodation and meals expenses are covered by the festival. Meals are discussed individually with each group.

4. Travel expenses are covered by the participants.

5. All other financial and organizing conditions will be discussed after the performance is selected for the Festival programme.

6. Contacts


Brest Academic Drama Theatre        

Organizing committee                                        
 21, Lenin street,                                                                   

224005 Brest, BELARUS




Telephones: +375298094370 (English speaking)
                            Tel:+375 162 207659 (coordinator)+ 375 162 207653 (festival director)